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December 11, 2011

Baby Jacob's Visit!

Our classes are participating in the Roots of Empathy program this year. We have monthly visits from our 'Roots babies' which allow us to learn about how babies grow and develop. Each time the baby visits, we record the changes we notice as we observe our little visitor. Our 'Roots Moms' also tell us about the milestones the baby has reached since the last visit.

My homeroom's baby is Baby Jacob and we adore him! He brought some festive cheer to our room with his adorable Santa suit. The next time we see Baby Jacob will be in the new year and we can't wait to see how much he grows between now and then. Here are a couple of pictures from his latest visit.

Baby Jacob arrived in his Santa suit!

He really enjoyed exploring these toys.

We observed how Baby Jacob interacted with the doll.

He loved his Thomas the Tank Engine blanket that Julia gave him.

Baby Jacob really liked his Christmas gift from our class - a book of course!
He's already on his way to becoming a great reader!

December 04, 2011

We love Laura Numeroff!

Laura Numeroff's books have delivered many laughs in our classroom over the past few weeks. We have read several of her books including:

We were so inspired by her funny stories that we decided to write stories about our favourite little mouse with a Christmas theme. Our focus in writing this month has been organizing our ideas so that they make sense to our readers. These stories allowed us to work on this skill while having fun at the same time. Our work is now on display in the hall and we hope our friends enjoy reading our stories! Here's a little peek at the final product.

 We are becoming great writers and storytellers!

December 03, 2011

Word Wall Words - Week of December 5

Here are the word wall words for this week:

did *
thing *

Words with a * are rhyming words. How many can you list?

November 22, 2011

Our Word Wall...so far!

For anyone who is interested, here is a link to a copy of our Word Wall. It can be used for practise at home or your child may wish to refer to it when writing. Children are encouraged to use these 'personal word walls' at their desks during writing activities.

This Week's Chant - Who Sees the Wind?

We began learning our new chant today. It is a poem titled Who Sees the Wind? and it's a perfect fit for our visualization unit. Children are working on using the words they read to help them create mental images in their minds (we also call it 'making movies in our heads'). Visualization helps us to deepen our experience of stories by imagining what the characters and setting are like. Here is a copy of the new chant that will be coming home in the Chant Book this Friday. (Ask your child to show you the actions we created for the poem)

November 16, 2011

Chant Book

I hope everyone is able to find time each week to review the Chant Book. We try to add a new chant at least once every two weeks. Here is a list of (and links to) all the chants we have added thus far.

Rainbow Hair
Halloween Sounds

Goodbye Poem



Welcome to our little first grade corner on the web! Blogging is all new to me and I am looking forward to this adventure. My intention is to use this blog as a link between your home and our classroom. I will post pictures of activities and projects that we are working on. My hope is that this blog will allow us to celebrate the many accomplishments of our first graders together. I will also post the weekly word wall words and tips to help you support your child's learning at home. Please note that I will never post any photos of children in our room without your permission.

As I mentioned, this is a all new to me so I appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we go along. Let the blogging adventure begin!