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June 25, 2012

Time sure flies...

Well, you can certainly feel the excitement in the air around the halls of St. Gregory these days. Summer holidays are almost upon us. I recall that it was about this time last year when I learned that I would be moving to first grade and I was thrilled. Thrilled, but unsure of what to expect.

In looking back at the year, I am so grateful for the blessing of watching the children grow before my eyes. The first few days were filled with nervous little giggles and the pressing question asked by all first graders in September, "When is centre time?". Let me tell you, it is not fun to be the person to break the news to children that there are no dollhouses, sand tables, or paint centres in their new home away from home. We got through that along with the other trials of first grade: untied and tangled shoelaces everywhere, lost teeth (felt like hundreds!), and learning how to sit in desks. Of course, these are all overshadowed by the incredible experience of seeing children become readers and writers. Simply amazing.  When all is said and done, I loved every minute of it and will cherish the time spent with my little 'firsties'. I would like to thank all of our wonderful and supportive families. It certainly takes a village... Enjoy a happy and safe summer!

Oh, and check back for the Top Ten Highlights of First Grade (as compiled by the children themselves). I will also post lists of leveled books that your children may be interested in reading this summer.